The Booginz

From the Battle of the Bands flyer...

The Booginz spawned early in the merry spring of 1999. The founding members, Ben and George, designed and implemented an idea for a force that would dominate, plunder and assimilate civilizations, planets, and minds for generations to come. Having inspirations and dedication already in place, The Booginz desperately needed fellow compatriots to fullfill the prophecy foretold so many eons before the like of Mohamet, Braggadocio, and Luther Vandross, among others. These worriors, however, would only surface to the forefront after months of tireless searching. The first of the missing pair, Sean D, had been residing in the gloomy forests of a small village called Slippery Rock. Here he had been secretly practicing a force known as "black metal" with other members of the Slippery Rock clan. The task of luring Sean D away form the black metal and into the light of the Boogin was a daunting and trying one; however, the project was everntually a success, thereby fullfilling phase I. Phase II of the search had been ongoing and concurrent with Phase I. This area of the search involved finding one who could bring a sick, twisted angle to the mix, thereby giving the others a challenge to adapt to a new style. This individual turned out to be none other than Mr. David Greco VII. He also had been tucked away in the highlands of northwestern PA in a slightly larger settlement known as New Castle. It was here where he had been living by day as a family/father figure and by night as a raving loon known to slay the occasional consumer who dared to cross his path. Eventually, after overcoming the initial skepticism involving this newly formed empire, The Booginz were finally forn and the rest of this tale shall yet unfold before your eyes and ears.

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